DIY rice flour body and face scrub for healthy skin

Skin exfoliation and scrubing is an important step of regular skincare routine. Regular scrubing  helps to get rid of old dry skin and stimulate new cells and makes your skin smooth. So here is a quick homemade body scrub recipie.





Ingredients:  rice flour
Coconut oil




Coconut oil

Take 1or 1/2 cup of uncooked rice and grind it coarsely. Make sure not to powder it finely. Now prepare an exfoliating body scrub by mixing 2 tbsp of coffee granules with 1/2 cup of semi-fine rice powder, 3 tablespoons of honey and a teaspoon of coconut oil.
Gently combine all the ingredients well to get consistency like body scrub.

How to apply
Before taking bath, gently scrub this mixture all over your body for 3 to 5 minutes and then rinse with cool water.

Benefits of rice scrub
There are so many beauty benefits of rice flour body scrub if used regularly.
This is a skin rejuvenating scrub for oily, dull and tired skin.Since this scrub contains ingredients that are rich in powerful vitamins and antioxidants so it keeps your skin hydrated and makes your skin healthy,soft, radiant and also helps to heal dry and damaged skin .

Rice flour in the scrub removes the dead,dull and flaky skin. Anti aging and cleansing properties of rice improve skin texture, remove impurities and excess oil giving you a healthy, clearer complexion.

coffee in scrub can help brighten skin, prevent clogged pores, and soften lines. It also protect your skin from various bacterial, fungal and viral infection.

Honey is naturally antibacterial and rich in antioxidants, so it’s helpful to prevent acne,slow down aging and acts as complexion booster .

Coconut oil has vitamin E in it. Vitamin E is well known to nourish skin and make it smoother and softer and due to it’s antimicrobial properties it also helps to prevent skin infections.

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Health benefits of green tea

Green tea is known as energy drink in several parts of world. As compared to black tea it is rich in antioxidants anticarcenogenic compounds and so many nutrients .These nutrients and antioxidants help to loose belly fat and also helps to slow down the skin ageing hence green tea is widely known as health beverage.

There are some other health benefits of green tea listed below.

  1. Daily consumption of green tea speeds up the metabolism and helps to achieve slim tummy.
  2. It helps to boost immune system.
  3. It helps to regulates the blood sugar levels.
  4. Prevents heart attacks .
  5. Green tea helps to maintain the cholesterol levels in blood.
  6. Maintains the blood pressure.
  7. Good for bone health.
  8. A chemical antioxidant found in gree  tea helps to prevant tooth deacy, bad breath and other dental problems.
  9. Green tea is also known to kill cancerous cells.
  10. Theanines(amino acid) in green tea helps to reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety.
  11. It prevent wrinkles and ageing signs.
  12. Anti-inflammatory property of green tea makes it good for several stomach issues like colitis.
  13. Good for liver and lungs health.
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Top 10 skin care tips for Monsoons.

During mansoons weather is so much hot and humid and due to high moisture in air skin becomes oily,greasy and prone to pimples.Here is some skin care tips to follow during rainy season. Use hot wat…

Source: Top 10 skin care tips for Monsoons.

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Foods to increase Red blood cells or Hb(hemoglobin)count

Oxygen is basic need for life but blood plays very important role to carry oxygen in all body cells and hemoglobin is the protein molecule in red blood cells that carries oxygen from lungs to other body cells and tissues.  

Hence low levels of Hb can affect our daily matabolic activities and sometimes leads to organ damage. A person with low Hb count is known as Anemic. However  Anemia is common in children  during their growth periods and in pregnant women.

Causes of Anemia:

  • Nutritional deficiency like iron,folic acid, vitamin c &B12
  • Heavy menstrual bleeding  
  • Alcohol intake


  • Tiredness
  • Weakness
  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Lake of concentration
  • Pale nails and skin
  • Upset stmoch
  • Problem in sleeping


Cure (Home Remedy)

Beside medical treatment healthy diet is best natural remedy to boost Hb count .So here is the list of foods which help to boost your Hb count

Non veg diet

Red meat,sea food and eggs,fish,beef are good source of iron and other vitamins.


Soyabean,kidney beans and peas are are rich in iron.


Pomegranate, dates,figs,apples, grapes plums and citrus fruits like oranges,grape fruit and Indian gooseberries are very good for anemia.


Spinch,green peas,cabbage,egg plant,sweet potato, broccoli, beatroots are rich in iron content thus good to boost blood count.


Almonds, rasins ,peanuts,dried dates and walnuts etc. Rich in zinc and iron hence very effective in anemia.

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Benefits of Rose water

Rose water  is an antibiotic,antioxidant,anti-inflamatory beauty potion used by women from ages to get beautiful skin.Natural properties of rose water makes it suitable for all skin types.Since rose water is safe for all skin types so you can use it in your daily skin care regime as a skin tonor to achieve clear, healthy and beautiful skin.

Here is diffrent ways of using rose water in your beauty regime:

  1. Rose water can be used in face packs and face masks.
  2. It can be used as tonor or astrigent to tighten the skin.
  3. Antibacterial properties of rose water makes it herbal disinfectant,so you can add few drops of rose water in your bathing water.
  4. Rose water is also good for hair. So after shampooing take one cup of rose water and rinse your hair with this water it will help to strenghten hair follicles and roots.
  5. Rose water is also used as eye drop.It will help to get rid of itching,irritation of eyes by cleaning out dirt from eyes.


here is some beauty benefits of rose water:

  • Rose water hydrates the skin & gives a refresh look.
  • Anti-inflamatory properties of rose water helps to healing cuts,scars,wounds and to cool down inflamations.
  • Maintains skins pH.
  • Cleansing dof rose water helps to clean out all skin impurities like oil and dirt.
  • Antbacterial& antioxidant properties of rose water helps to prevent acne and other skin diseases.
  • Rose water helps to tighten the skin pores and prevent wrinkles and fine lines.
  • It also helps to get rid of dark circles.
  • moisturise the skin
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5 rules to live happy life

  1. Spirituality#Be spiritual🙏 because spirituality makes us humble and gives us a positive outlook towards life to handle worst circumstances.
  2. Gratitude#Count your blessings and be grateful ☺  because it reminds us that how lucky we are and slowly we starting feel good about ourselves and people in our lives.
  3. Meditation# Meditation is the key for happiness 🙂 Because meditation is a good exercise for brain health and as we know brain is incharge or master mind of our feelings and emotions hence to have a happy life  it’s important to keep it (brain)calm and healthy by meditation
  4. No comparison#Don’t compare yourself with others🙄 comparisons hurts.    we all pretand that we compete with ourselves only and it don’t matters us what others are doing in their lives ,but in reality some people and their lives always affects us and this one is the biggest reason of our sadness and main obstacle of happy life.
  5. Be Positive #Delete the negativity from your life😒 Try to avoid company of negative people and read motivational books it will help you to be optimistic because an optimistic  person can achieve anything in life and most of the times achievements makes us happy ☺
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10 ways to make your skin radiant and glowing naturally.

Source: 10 ways to make your skin radiant and glowing naturally.

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