7 Benefits of Indian Gooseberry (Amla) Juice for Hairs.

Amla has been considered as a hair tonic and so amla juice also plays an important role in making your hair healthier and stronger. It is an effective natural remedy for several hair problems. Some…

Source: 7 Benefits of Indian Gooseberry (Amla) Juice for Hairs.

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Tip of the day

Teeth whitening tip:

Rinse your mouth with coconut oil every morning before brushing your teeth. Because Lauric acid found in coconut oil known to kills the harmful bacteria which cause foul smell and plaque on theeth.                                 

So keep your teeth healthy and white by rinsing your mouth with coconut oil.

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5 Tips to lighten your mood when you are sad or depressed.

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Source: 5 Tips to lighten your mood when you are sad or depressed.

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Top 7 tips to get rid of dry lips in winters💋

One of the biggest problems during winters are chapped and dry lips. Main causes of chapped lips in winters are lake of moisture in air,low water intake, smoking and lake of vitamins. To fight with this problem here is some tips to follow on daily basis for effective results.

  1. Drink lots of water and eat fresh fruits and veggies of all colours to prevent dryness.
  2. Exfoliate with sugar and olive oil daily to get rid of dry lips.
  3. Mix a teaspoon of lime juice with 2 to 3 drops of honey. Apply this mixtures on your lips for 5 minutes and then wash if off. Add this tip in your daily beauty regime to avoid dryness and darkening of lips.
  4. Mix 1/2 teaspoon of aloevera gel with 3 to 4 drops of glycerine and apply this mixture on your lips ,it will help to retain moisture and makes lips soft.
  5. Massage your for 2 to 3 minutes with coconut oil or vaseline  at night .
  6. Apply milk crem on your lips.
  7. Use lip balm which contains atleast SPF 30 before going outside.


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10 ways to make your skin radiant and glowing naturally.

Eevery person wants beautiful and radiant skin and we all spend lots of money to try each and every new beauty product which comes in market to achieve beautiful skin. But no matter what you apply on your skin from outside, your skin will never looks healthy and  radiant until you nourish your skin from inside. So secret lies in what you eat daily.


Here are some some tips which are suitable for all skin types and easily accessible to achieve smooth and radint skin without any side effect .

1. Water

imageStatt  your day with a glass of water is best way to keeping skin looking fresh and radiant. Because it helps wash away toxins, transport nutrients and oxygen to the skin cells, and plump up the skin making it appear more youthful and radiant

2. Vegetables


Vegetables are rich in vitamins, fibres,antioxidants and nutrients. These helps to remove dullness of your skin and gives a natural radiance on your face.

3. Fruits


Fruits are rich in vitamins and minerals that purify and rejuvenates the skin from inside and thereby imparts a glow. So eat a bowl of fruit salad daily .

4. Eggs


The egg yolk is rich in vitamins that are essential for proper cell function.Eggs also contains biotin which is also known as beauty vitamin as it protect skin from acne ,rashes and dryness and makes your skin healthier and glowing.

5. Curd


Curd contains high amount of calcium and proteins, which helps to remove toxins and makes your skin soft and glowing. Curd also removes wrinkles and anti aging lines.

6. Nuts


Nuts are considered as best sources to get glowing skin. Nuts like almonds,walnuts,pistachio are loaded with many necessary minerals including iron, zinc and copper, which helps you in maintaining the collagen in your skin. They also contains high amounts of omega 3 fatty acids that help you to maintain the elasticity of skin. If you add nuts to your daily diet
your skin will look younger, fresher and rosy red.

7. Dark Chocolates


Dark chocolate is an excellent source of cocoa, which is a natural skin hydrator. Cocoa helps to make your skin radiant and younger. Just eat two pieces of dark chocolate everyday and make your skin beautiful.

8. Green Tea


Geen Tea is rich in anti-oxidants and minerals and has many benefits for the skin such as stop inflammation, slow DNA damage, and helps prevent skin from sunburn and darkening.Green tea also has many essential minerals like zinc, copper, magnesium, calcium and iron. Try to take green tea in the morning. It makes your skin complexion even better within few days.

9. Turmeric Milk


Both turmeric and milk are rich in antioxidants. Drinking turmeric milk  before going to bed will purify the blood and helps to glow skin. It also helps you to get better and peaceful sleep.

10. Fennel Seeds


Fennel seeds containsing antioxidants and various vitamins, which help to give you a younger looking skin. Consume two teaspoon of fennel seeds daily after meals and improve overall texture of the skin as it treats acne and makes your skin look flawless and glowing.

      So follow these tips on daily basis and make your skin beautiful,radiant and flawless.

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Top 10 health and beauty benefits of Dates


Dates are the sweetest fruit among all the fruits and loaded with natural sugars.Dates are rich in fibers,iron, calcium,potasium,phosphorus,magnesium,mangnese and varius essential vitamines like vitamine B6 and vitamineC which makes this fruit energy booster either you eat it fresh or in dry form.

here is the list of  benefits of dates :

  1. Fiber contant in dates helps to promote digestion & bowl movements ,thus help to relive constipation.Potasium in dates treates diaria.
  2. Dates are excellent source of iron thus help to treat anemia.
  3. Dates help to strengthen the muscles hence good for pragnant women in last weaks of pragnancy as the muscles of uterus are strengthen for normal and easier delivery.
  4. Dates promotes heart health and prevent various heart diseases like  heart stroke.
  5. Dates are very beneficial for brain health. They improve memory  and prevent Alzheimer disease.
  6. 3-4 dates a day in winters helps to provide immunity against cold ,cough and other diseases.
  7. Calcium & magnesium content in dates is good for bone & oral health.
  8. Vitamin C found in dates helps to maintain elasticity of  skin & improve skin texture.
  9. Vitamin B in dried dates helps to prevent various hair problems like split ends,dull hair, damaged hair & hair fall.
  10. Dates are also good for sexual health.
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Tip of the day

Home remedy for cracked heels

If you have cracked and painful heels in winters then melt paraffin wax and mix it with mustard oil or coconut oil.Apply this mixture on your heels at bedtime. After 10 to 15 days your heels will become soft and smooth.

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