5 Tips to lighten your mood when you are sad or depressed.

When you are sad negative thoughts start running in your mind and it feels like life is too heavy and you can’t do anything. You feel alone sick and depressed.

Here is some tips to feel batter when you are sad.

1.Go for a walk


Grab your earphones play your favorite music and go for a walk to a nearby park. Fresh air and your favorite song surely help to beat your stress and to change your mood.

2. Watch TV


Watch your favorite movie or any comedy show or movie whenever you feeling low. This trick is very helpful to distract your mind from sadness and you will feel lighter.

3. Write down your emotions


Write down how you feeling at that moment ,share every little thought that comes on your mind at that time, it feels like you are sharing your fears,pain and feelings with God and this trick will instently help to vanish all the sadness from your life.

4. Talk to a friend


Hangout with your best friend or just make a call and talk to him or her, its ok if you don’t want to share your sorrows with your friend. Talk to them on some other topic like any good memory you have spent together. This little conversation will really help to lighten your mood .

5. Read something positive


Reading something spiritual,inspiring and motivating will help to eleminate negativity and sadness.

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Health benefits of green tea


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Top 3 tips to gain confidence in everyday life

Confidence is one of the best accessories one can wear. Confident person can achieve anything in life. But what about underconfident people. They spend half of their lives to get confidence. Little little things in life makes them nervous. In a restaurant before ordering a favourite dish they have to think ten times.

Such people always talks to their minds before taking any action. This problem in long run leads to various serious problems like social phobia, anxiety, depression etc.

Tips to gain confidence

Dress nicely

Whenever you wear a good dress which is comfortable and looks good on you your body language changes and you gain confidence quickly. So always try to dress up nicely even when you are at home.

Read motivational books

Reading is good habit and if you read some good motivational and Self-Help books then you will feel some kind of positive energy inside and you will become positive person and positive person is always happy and confident.

Don’t compare yourselves

Comparisons kills so never compare yourself with anybody and don’t let the others. Every one is unique and works differently so always try to concentrate on your own stuff. Set chellanges for yourself and compete to break own goals. In this way whenever you complete own challenge you will become confident.

So follow these tips in daily lives and see changes in yourself.

Stay happy

Stay positive

Stay confident

Stay blessed

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Law of attraction

Hi guys ☺️🙏 it’s been long time since I have posted last. My silly reason for not blogging is that I was not in mood of writing. I know for blogging you have to be consistent. So from today I have promised to myself to be consistent & to write 2 or 3 article in a week. Let’s get started with today’s topic…

law of attraction

I am sure you all have heard about these three magical words. If not then plz watch the movie ‘secret’. This law said that whatever happens in our lives bad things or good things we attracts. So if u have a wish just think about that wish and universe will help you to fulfill your wish.

I am a firm beliver of law of attraction so I believe in this theory but for those who don’t believe in this, there are 50% of things and circumstances which you have attracted unknowingly.

Now if you are one of those people who thinks that law of attraction is theory of day dreamers and lazy people then let me explain law of attraction in my way..

As we all know that positive person can achieve anything and they have the power to tackle worst situations in coolest way. So law of attraction helps us to achieve that positivity. You have to think that universe or your God is always there for you. You just have to ask for whatever you want and you will get ☺️But you have to be clear about your wishes.

You can write your wishes on diary.


Take an old coin, pendant or stone(your choice) keep it in your wallet and whenever you have a wish just kiss your coin and ask for your wish.

So feel positive, feel happy, feel magic and fullfill wishes and achieve success

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Top 10 ways to get rid of oily skin

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5 rules to live happy life

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Top 10 ways to get rid of oily skin

via Top 10 ways to get rid of oily skin

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