10 Benefits Of Regular Morning walk


Morning atmosphere is fresh,clean and quit so it’s a good thought to breath in fresh air and to start your day with a 15-30 minutes walk. It helps you to keep fresh and energetic whole day and also makes you physically and mentally fit.ecause it is a kind of light exercise thus it’s safe for pregnant women,children and old pepole. There are so many helth benefits of 15-30 minutes walk in morning.

Benefits of morning walk

1.Walking improves blood circulation in the body resulting adequate supply of oxygen to the cells and tissues.

2.It helps to lose weight and to maintain healthy weight.

3. It maintains blood pressure thus beneficial for heart patients.

4. Walking is helpful to control your blood sugar levels .So it’s a good exercise for diabetic patients.

6. Morning walk helps to boost mental health and reduces the risk of several brain related diseases.

7. It helps to deal with insomania.

8. Walking helps to deal with arthritis because it strengthen bones and muscles.

9. It strengthen the immune system and prevent diseases.

10. Morning walk keeps your skin healthy and glowing.


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