face packs for glowing and younger looking skin

Hi friends🙋   Today I am going to share  3 easy face pack recipes which can helps to slow down the ageing process effectively. Although there are so many creams and beauty products available in market for treating ageing skin ,but I feel that ingredients from kitchen are the best solution for all skin problems since there is no chance of side effects.


👴  Ageing is a natural process which comes with wrinkles and fine lines on skin. But besides ageing unhealthy life style, stress, caffeine, alcohol and unhealthy habits like smoking, lack of exercise, and pollution all contribute to skin aging and appearance of wrinkles. But these home remedies are very effective to fight with ageing sign.

   So lets get started with the recipes:)

1) Olive Oil +Aloevera gel pack

Ingredients: 1 teaspoon of aloevera gel
1 teaspoon of olive oil

Method:  Mix both the ingredients in bowl until you get white colored, creamy consistency paste.

How to apply:   Before going to bed wash your face with warm water and your favorite face wash and then gently massage your face with for 5 to 10 minutes with this cream.

How does it helps??
Olive oil: It is a rich source of vitamins, minerals and natural fatty acids that nourishes the skin because it is readily absorbed by the skin pores.
Vitamins A and E functions as a powerful antioxidant and helps in hydrating skin and maintains its elasticity and suppleness so that skin looks  younger for longer.

Aloe vera gel: It contains malic acid which improves skin elasticity and helps to reduce wrinkles and fine lines.
Zinc helps in shrinking of pores and polysacchrides presents in gel improves the formation of collagen.

2) Fenugreek + yogurt pack

Ingredients: 2 to 3 teaspoons of of  fenugreek powder
5 teaspoons of yogurt

Method: Grinde a handful of fenugreek seeds to get fine paste. Now take 3 teaspoons of fenugreek powder in a bowl , add required amount of yogurt to make paste.Mix the ingredients well to get thick paste.

How to apply:Apply this pack on face nack and hands.let it stay for 1/2 hour and then rinse with water.

How does it helps??
Fenugreek:  Fenugreek seeds are a rich source of vitamin B3and niacin that helps in recovering the damaged skin cells and helps in regeneration of new cells and tissues.

Yogurt: Lactic acid present in yogurt helps in shrinking of pores.

3)Banana pack

Bananas + Honey + Lemon

Ingredients: 1ripe banana
2 teaspoons of honey
2 teaspoons of lemon juice

Method: Mash a banana in a clean bowl to get smooth paste. Add two teaspoons of honey  and lemon into it, mix all the ingredients to get fine consistency paste.
How to apply: Apply this paste evenly on clean face and hands and leave it there for about 30 minutes until it completely dries. After 30 minutes wash your face and then apply moisturiser.

How does it helps??
Banana: Banana is a rich source of vitamins A,C,E and k which helps to improve collagen production and skin elasticity  and provide younger looking skin.

Honey:Honey is the best nourishment for dry skin.vitamin B and K present in honey helps in improving skin elasticity and promote regeneration of new cells.

Lemon: Lemon juice helps to shrink open pores,tightens the tissues and increases skin elasticity to reduce  apperance of wrinkles and fine lines.

            ❆Thanks  for  reading❆

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