How to use Baby Oil in your skincare routine


Baby oil is mineral oil which is made up for babies Sensitive skin but it is also good for adults skin especially if your skin is sensitive.This oil is a best moisturiser for skin it deeply hydrates the skin. There are so many ways to use baby oil for your skin and today I am sharing ten skin benefits of baby oil.

Skin benefits of baby oil

  1. You can use baby oil as a makeup remover.Take a cotton ball or tissue paper dab it into baby oil and then remove you makeup.

  2. Baby oil can be used as under eye gel.Take few drops of oil on your fingers and gently massage under your eyes for about minutes.

  3. If you don’t have a cutical cream then use baby oil.

  4. If you don’t want to apply nail paint then just massage your nails with baby oil it will gives instant shine to your nails and they look beautiful without nail paint.

  5. If you want to get rid of dark elbows then baby oil is the best remedy for you, mix baby oil with sugar and add few drops of lemon juice and scrub your elbows with this mixture thrice a week.

  6. Baby oil contains vitamin A ,so it can be used to treat dry skin and chapped lips during winters.

  7. Baby oil contains vitamine E which is good for skin . It prevents wrinkles, if  you massage your face everynight with baby oil.

  8. Use baby oil on shaved skin to reduce irritation and make it smoother.

  9. if you want to get rid of dry cracked heels then apply baby oil and wear socks over it to get fast results.

  10. It prevents strech marks if you daily massage your tummy during pregnancy.

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