Review: Patanjali body lotion👍

Hi friends,🙋 I wants to share my views or thoughts about patanjali products.So today I am here with one of my favorite skin care product of patanjali that is Patanjali body lotion and I am in love with this lotion it makes my skin so soft and smooth. It is very cheap as compare to other body lotions and  easily available in market or online.



Product Description—- This is a herbal body lotion so suitable for all skin types. It claims to rejuvenate skin & increases skin glow.
Price–60 INR for 100ml.
Ingredients–cucumber, wheat oil,turmeric,aloevera,saffron,lodhra,
Packaging—– The body lotion comes in white travel friendly plastic bottle with flip cap.


Texture— Lotion is well concentrated, so that it has very smooth texture which is not too runny or thick and easily blends on skin. 


Colour — lotion is peach in colour.
Fragrance—- It has very mild and soothing cucumber like smell.
Pros –It has all natural ingredients.
Very much affordable and easily available.
Very little quantity is required.
Easily absorbed in skin.
Non greasy.
Makes skin soft and hydrated.
Pleasant smell.
Suitable for all skin types.

Cons–. No spf content.
Not suitable for dry skin people in winters.

Summary—-This lotion is very healthy for skin and provide nourishment and hydratation to the skin as it is free from chemicals. Not good for winters especially for people having dry skin type.

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6 Responses to Review: Patanjali body lotion👍

  1. A Girl that Blah πŸ‘… says:

    And here am going to buy this. Love your review. πŸ™‚


  2. Hey nice review @Go Natural 😊
    Please check out my review
    Beautiful life πŸ’—


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