8 useful tricks for glossy hair👱

Summers are here and many of us are facing hair problems such as an oily scalp, dull,fizzy hair and hair fall due to the heat and humidity.
So I want to share proper technique to wash and conditions your hair to solve these problems and to get long and shiny hair .


1. Wash frequently in summers.
You might have heard that washing your hair every day is bad for your hair as it causes dryness. Yes its true but only for the people with normal to dry hair and scalp.People having oily hair and scalp should be washing their hair daily in summers and rainy season when there is so much humidity and pollution in  environment.

2. Brush before you wash.


If you notice more hair loss than usual in the shower, you should try brushing your hair before washing. This helps to get rid of any knots or tangles in your hair which cause breakage.

3. Dilute the shampoo.
Choose your shampoo wisely. Use very mild shampoo, or a herbal shampoo.
Always dilute your shampoo. Pour a small dollop of shampoo in a mug and put a handful of warm water in the mug and mix it well to form leather. This reduces the harshness of the chemicals in your shampoo. 

4. Use warm water to wet your hair.


Wet your hair well with warm water. This will open up your pores and helps to remove the dirt and excessive oil from hair.

4. Gently massage with fingers.



Now pour some amount of diluted shampoo on your scalp and start massaging using your fingers in circular motion to produce leather and then rinse with warm water.

5. Two rounds of shampoo for oily hair.
If you have had a oil massage before washing hair then you should always go for two rounds of shampoo  first one is to remove all the oil and dirt and second one is to ensure clean scalp and hair.
      But if you are daily washing your hair and you haven’t applied oil on hair or after first round you feel that scalp is clean then no need to performe the second round.

6. Condition ends.


You should be applying conditioner to the lengths of your hair from your ears downwards, avoiding the upper half of your head because due to its rich formulation, may cause clogged hair follicles when used too close to the scalp. Leave the conditioner on for 3 to 5 minutes and then wash it off remember to condition your hair with cold water.
You can use alovera gel,glycerine or baby oil as a leave-in conditionar in damp hair.

7. Dry hair with an old t-shirt.


Don’t use towel to dry your hair because it causes breakage.
Use an old t-shirt to dry your hair.
This will help reduce frizziness and is also gentler on the hair, preventing breakage.

8. Avoid brushing wet hair.


Wait to semi dry your hair and then use a wide tooth comb to detangled them.

You can also use a leave-in conditionar or very little amount of nonsticky hair oil mixed with few drops of water to detangle your dry hair.

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10 Responses to 8 useful tricks for glossy hair👱

  1. Neha goyal says:

    Good one nice information, infact the last one is sound unique something different .

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  2. Go Natural says:

    Thanks Neha.πŸ˜ƒ


  3. Very useful tips! I’ve never thought of diluting the shampoo but it’s a great way to protect the scalp against damage from chemicals. Thanks for sharing 😊


  4. A Girl that Blah πŸ‘… says:

    These tips were too helpful. Thanks for posting. 🌸🌸🌸

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  5. A Girl that Blah πŸ‘… says:

    I see the spirit of a Free Woman in you. Hereby, am inviting you to join my movement #HerSpiritPassion to transform dreams into reality for 100000 of girls. πŸŽ€ For more info. Check my blog

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  6. Love these tips! It must be shampoo season I just posted a review of Youth Boost products LOL


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