Top 5 Natural Home Remedies For Split ends


Split hair ends is one of the major and common hair problems of girls and because of split ends your hair looks dry,dull and unhealthy.Excessive use of harsh chemicals and heat on hair is main cause of dry and split ends.Trimmng is good option to avoid splits but if you don’t want to cut your hair and wants natural solution so don’t worry 🙂

Here is some home remedies to get rid of split end.

1.Hot oil treatment

Massage your hair with hot mustard oil mixed with olive oil, coconut oil and almond oil. Keep it overnight or for 30 minutes and wrap with shower cap or towel.Afterwards rinse your hair with shampoo.

2. Honey

Honey is best natural conditionar for your hair.Regular application honey mask on your split ends before washing them is also a good trick to get rid of split ends .

3. Milk

Take 2 tbsp of  milk cream and mix it with half cup of milk. Whisk this mixture thoroughly. Now apply this mixture on your hair for 15 to 30 minutes and wash it out.

4. Alovera gel

  • Apply alovera gel on your wet hair and leave it there for 15 to 30 minutes and afterwards wash your hair with lukewarm water.
  • Beside applying alovera gel as a mask you can also apply it on split ends to get temporary and quick results

5. Clarified Butter (Ghee)

Massage your hair with melted clarified butter(ghee) and keep it overnight. Rinse it off with shampoo in the morning.

Try out these home remdies twice a weak atleast for a month to get  good results

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5 Responses to Top 5 Natural Home Remedies For Split ends

  1. Reema Limeyy says:

    Useful, thanks! Thought that the only way to get rid of them is through regular trims x

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  2. Lazy Girl says:

    My friend suggests extra-virgin coconut oil too! but I can’t stand the smell of that, on my hair.. lol!


  3. That is a very interesting field and the information this article reveals really impresses me. Besides, I want to share another useful article in the same topic:


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