5 rules to live happy life

  1. Spirituality#Be spiritual🙏 because spirituality makes us humble and gives us a positive outlook towards life to handle worst circumstances.
  2. Gratitude#Count your blessings and be grateful ☺  because it reminds us that how lucky we are and slowly we starting feel good about ourselves and people in our lives.
  3. Meditation# Meditation is the key for happiness 🙂 Because meditation is a good exercise for brain health and as we know brain is incharge or master mind of our feelings and emotions hence to have a happy life  it’s important to keep it (brain)calm and healthy by meditation
  4. No comparison#Don’t compare yourself with others🙄 comparisons hurts.    we all pretand that we compete with ourselves only and it don’t matters us what others are doing in their lives ,but in reality some people and their lives always affects us and this one is the biggest reason of our sadness and main obstacle of happy life.
  5. Be Positive #Delete the negativity from your life😒 Try to avoid company of negative people and read motivational books it will help you to be optimistic because an optimistic  person can achieve anything in life and most of the times achievements makes us happy ☺

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