Easy home remedies to lighten dark underarms.


In summers we all wants to wear those beautiful sleeveless tops and dresses but if you have those darker patches in underarms you don’t feel confident to wear sleeveless tops,blouses,tank tops. So here is some easy home remedies which can be tried in daily basis to get batter results..

1.Take two tea spoon curd and one teaspoon turmeric ,one teaspoon lemon juice mix them and apply this paste on underarms for 5 to 10 mins and then wash it off with lukewarm water..

2. Take a lemon slice and rub it on your underarm and after 5 mins wash it off.

3. Mix two teaspoon of gram flour with milk or curd to make thick paste.Apply this on affected area and leave it for 10 mins and then scrub it off and rinse with water.

4. Mix a teaspoon of cucumber juice with a teaspoon of tomato juice and two teaspoon of rice flour now apply this paste on to your underarms and leave it till it gets dry and then scrub it off.

5 Massage with coconut oil helps to lighten the skin.

6. Mix baking soda with water to make a paste and apply this paste after 5 to 10 mins rinse it off.

7. Take a potato slice and rub it on underarms before bathing if u use this remedy regularly soon you will see good results…

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