5 ways to lighten up your mood when you are feeling sad or depressed.

When you are sad negative thoughts start running in your mind and it feels like life is too heavy and you can’t do anything. You feel alone sick and depressed.

Here is some tips to feel batter when you are sad.

1.Go for a walk


Grab your earphones play your favourite music and go for a walk to a nearby park. Fresh air and your favourite song surely help to beat your stress and to change your mood.

2. Watch TV


Watch your favorite movie or any comedy show or movie whenever you feeling low. This trick is very helpful to distract your mind from sadness and you will feel lighter.

3. Write down your emotions


Write down how you feeling at that moment ,share every little thought that comes on your mind at that time, it feels like you are sharing your fears,pain and feelings with God and this trick will instently help to vanish all the sadness from your life.

4. Talk to a friend


Hangout with your best friend or just make a call and talk to him or her, its ok if you don’t want to share your sorrows with your friend. Talk to them on some other topic like any good memory you have spent together. This little conversation will really help to lighten your mood .

5. Read something positive


Reading something spiritual,inspiring and motivating will help to eleminate negativity and sadness.

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