Nyle Naturals Dryness Hydration Shampoo review

Nyle naturals dryness hydration shampoo is a herbal shampoo which contains the extracts of aloevera green tea, tulsi and amala . These natural extracts deeply cleanse your scalp and hair and makes them soft shiny and healthy.

here is some benefits of natural ingredients present in Nyle dryness hydration shampoo.


  • Moisturizing hair
  • Add shine to hair
  • Prevents split end


  • Pormote hair growth
  • Prevents scalp itching and dandruff
  • Moisturises hair

Green Tea

  • Good antioxidant
  • Very effective in hair regrowth
  • Strengthen the hair
  • Prevent dandruff.


  • Rich in vitamin C which give strength to hair and also prevents the premature greying of hair.
  • Adds shine to the hair.
  • Prevent breakage and split ends.

Packaging :

Comes in transparent flip flop plastic bottle.

Price : 182rs. for 400ml

Colour :opaque with slight tint of green colour like alovera gel.

Fragrance :

Smells very refreshing and soothing.


  • Perabean free
  • Makes your hair smooth and shiny
  • Very little amount is required for every head wash.
  • Strengthen the hair.
  • Easily available in stores, local shops and online.
  • Budget friendly.


Doesn’t works for hair fall.

My verdict:

This is the best shampoo for both dry or oily scalps in summers and there is no need to use conditionar afterwards .It makes your hair soft shiny and easily manageable. While in winters people with dry scalp may needs separate conditionar.

So if you are looking for a herbal shampoo then you must give a try to Nyle naturals. There is a wide range of nyle shampoos according to your hair problem.

You can buy it online by clicking on following url.

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