Benefits of hair serums

Hair serums are formulated to make your hair shiny, fizz free and silky without giving them oily look. The main content in serum is silicone which makes a protective covering on your hair shaft and protect hair from external factors like dust and heat. Silicon has an ability to reflect the light which adds shine to your hair.

How to use?

After shampooing take 2to3 drops( or more according to your hair length) of serum and apply on damp hair. Afterwards gently detangle your hair with a wide tooth comb.

Apply before straightening your hair to protect your hair from heat damage.

Benefits of hair serum

  • Helps to easily detangle your hair
  • Conditions hair and makes them soft and fizz free.
  • Protect hair from heat damage by using hair styling equipments.
  • Make hair glossy without giving an oily look.
  • Protect hair from external factors like dust, heat and humidity.

There are so many hair serums like Livon, streaks, silk and shine are available in stores or online according to your hair needs and hair types but the common & basic point in all serums is to give a temporary shine to your hair.

Excessive use of these products may harm your hair in long run because these serums are also chemical based.

But for styling your hair in special occasions this product is must.

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