Ponds anti-pollution+purity face wash review

Ponds is well known skin care brand in India and they have wide range of skin care products for women & men. They includes variety of cremes, talcum powder & face wash etc.

So today I am going to review Ponds pure white face wash with activated charcoal which I am using currently. This face wash claims to have activated charcoal.

Activated charcoal is a form of carbon, which clean out bacteria, poisons, chemicals, dirt and other micro-particles present on the surface of skin.

Ponds pure white face wash with activated charcoal.


Click on image to buy it online


INR 180 for 100g

INR 90 for 50g

Packaging : This face wash comes in a white and black coloured tube with a tightly secured white cap.

Ingredients :

Colour : light grey

Texture : Very creamy and thick in consistency.

Fragrance : Sorry guys but I find very difficult to explain the smells. So for this point all I can say it Smells good.

My experience : My skin is normal and this face wash works well for my skin type. Very little amount is enough to make leather with water, which deeply cleanse my skin & remove all the impurities.


Travel friendly.

Easily available in market and online.

Very affordable.

Deeply cleanse all the pollutants from the face.

Works for pimples.

Very good for oily skin.

Good for summers.


Skin gets a bit dry after using this so you need a moisturiser afterwards.

Not good for dry skin.

Not for winters.

Final verdict :

Because this face wash is capable of remove out all the dirt, sebum & dust accumulated in the skin through out the day. So it’s better to use this face wash in night or whenever you get home from college or work.

I would definitely recommend this face wash for oily to combination or normal.

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