Santoor body lotion with sandalwood and sakura extracts review

Hi everyone πŸ™

In my recent visit to a shopping mart ,I came across sntoor body lotion this lotion was on offer of buy one get one so I bought it because winters are here and body lotions are must product for winter. It’s been 3 – 4 weeks since I am using this lotion so in this post I am reviewing Santoor Perfumed body lotion whitening and UV protection.

Price: Rs. 215 for 250 ml

Packaging: It comes in a pump Despenser bottle

Colour and texture:

white coloured medium consistency product

Smell: very soothing and refreshing sandlewood like fragrance.


Product claims:

  • All seasons moisturising lotion.
  • Skin whitening and UV protection.
  • Moisturizer and soften skin. throughout the day.
  • Improve skin texture and have anti-ageing properties.

My experience: As above I mentioned 4 major points which this product claims to be ,now here is my experience does these Four claims proven true or not.

True claims:

It is a good moisturizer for your skin .It makes your skin smooth and soft whithout making it greasy.

This is a very good moisturizer for mansoons and summers .

Improve skin texture and have anti -ageing extracts.

False claims:

It doesn’t provide moisturisation throughout the day in becuse in winters afterter 3-4 hrs you need to apply lotion again .

Not lightens skin tone.

You need to apply separate SPF cream for sun protection.

This is a very good body lotion for summers but for winters you can use this lotion as a face moisturizer and hand cream because in winter your body needs heavy moisturisation.

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