Skin care tips to get spotless and glowing skin

Clear, spotless and glowing skin don’t need any coverage of makeup and we all want to make our skin naturally even but hormonal imbalance, periods, pregnancy , pollution and weather conditions are some factors which are responsible for various skin issues like acne , dullness,dark spots etc. As we can’t fight with these natural conditions which affects our skin but we can avoid these skin problems by making small changes in our lifestyle and by taking proper care of our skin.

In this post I am going to share some basic skin care tips, applicable for all skin types to get healthy skin.

1.Drink warm water

Warm water helps to flush out various toxins and free radicals which causes various skin infections and ageing.It also improve circulation which adds glow to skin and improve its texture.

2. Wash your face before bed

Throughout the day our skin is exposed to various pollutants,sun and dirt and all these toxins are accumulated on our skin and inhibits the cell repair system (skin sheds dead cell and makes new). So clean skin helps to regenerate new cells.

3.Scrub your face once a week

Scrubbing helps to get rid of black heads ,white heads ,dead skin , improves circulation and makes your face soft and naturally can make scrub at home I have shared in my old post or go for scrubs available in market.

4. Steam your face once a weak

Steam helps to kill toxic bacteria accumulated on our pores and remove all the dirt and dust particles which causes blackheads. It helps to get rid of dry skin and dead skin. As we age our natural skin rejuvenation (cell repair) system slow down . So it’s good for skin to take Steam once a weak.

5. Wear sunscreenSunscreen is necessary because it prevents our skin from harmful rays which can cause skin cancer. So sun screen is must for every family member. It also prevents our skin from sunburn, discoloration and uneven skin.

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