How to live happy and stressfree life.

What is happiness???

In this world everyone is struggling in their day to day life working hard to achieve happiness and peace in future. Because our belief system ensures us that materialistic things which we don’t have in present are our keys to happiness once we own them in future.

So we all are chasing towards our dreams. When we achieve our desires no doubt we feel happy and fulfill But this feeling remains for few seconds, minutes,hours or for few days. Because these desires keep changing from time to time at every stage of our life. So our happiness is not eternal or I can say that we all love to change our source of happiness from time to time.

If you want to feel that eternal feeling of satisfaction and happiness. You have to start loving yourselves. So start practicing meditation to make your life happy, peaceful and blessed.

Meditation helps to to control our minds and cut off all the negative emotions and thoughts. Mediation helps us to find happiness in present moments.In the beginning you may find it difficult but when you practice daily you will become better version of yourself .

When you feel happy ,you start feeling good about yourself. When you feel good,you look good. when you look good, You feel confident and confident person can conquer anything.

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