Morning skin care routine for every skin type.

Hello beautiful people ,how are u all ??hope everyone is doing well during this pandemic. SO finally I am here with skin care post. Basically in this post I will be sharing some morning skin care tips for your face to maintain healthy glowing skin.

Nowdays beauty industry is developed so much ,they have launched so many products according to different skin type from day time to night time so we have tons of options available in the market.We love to use various skin care products like creams, facewash,facemask ,serums on our skin for better results. However these products can’t give us good result unless we are using right product according to our skin’s need.

ln this post I am going to share basic morning skin care routine along with the knowledge of products for every skin type.

Dry ,oily and normal these are three basic types of skin. I am sure you are aware of your type. Morning regimen includes 4 steps .





Face wash

Cleansing means washing your face with a good face wash and we all do it on daily,but if you are not using right face wash your skin will never feel good.

Dry skin

If you have dry skin then go for cream based face wash.

Oily skin

Oily skin needs gel based formulated face wash.

Combination or Normal Skin

You can use creamy as well gel facewash wash .In winters go for cream based face wash and in summertime gel face wash will give you best result.

2. Toning


After cleansing your skin pores gets open .So application of a toner with a clean cotton pad helps to shrink your skin pores and maintain the ph of skin , try to avoid alcohol based tonor.

For oily skin pepole this step is must in winters as well in summers as they are prone to acne and pimples.

Dry and normal skin people can use toner in summertime. In winters you can skip this step as toner can makes your skin more dry .

If you have sensitive skin you can use rose water as a tonor.

3. Moisturizing


Moisturizing ,moisturizing, moisturizing is the mantra of younger and fresh looking skin. After tonor massage gently your face with a good day cream .

Oily skin

Apply gel based cream .

Dry skin and normal skin

You can moisturize your face with light weight creams and moisturizer in summertime.

However in winters oil based moisturizer and creams are best for you.

4. Sunscreen


This is the most essential step of morning skin care routine which is skip by the most of people. Apply sunscreen of spf 30 atleast 30 minutes before you stepping out or apply it even if you are at home because sunscreen protect our skin from harmful sun ray’s and we are exposed to these rays at our houses also. So don’t forget to apply a good sunscreen in summertime as well as in winters.

Stay happy ,stay healthy, stay beautiful ❀

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