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7 Benefits of Indian Gooseberry (Amla) Juice for Hairs.

Amla has been considered as a hair tonic and so amla juice also plays an important role in making your hair healthier and stronger. It is an effective natural remedy for several hair problems. Some… Source: 7 Benefits of Indian … Continue reading

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Tip of the day

Teeth whitening tip: Rinse your mouth with coconut oil every morning before brushing your teeth. Because Lauric acid found in coconut oil known to kills the harmful bacteria which cause foul smell and plaque on theeth.         … Continue reading

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5 Tips to lighten your mood when you are sad or depressed.

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Benefits of Rose water

Rose water  is an antibiotic,antioxidant,anti-inflamatory beauty potion used by women from ages to get beautiful skin.Natural properties of rose water makes it suitable for all skin types.Since rose water is safe for all skin types so you can use it … Continue reading

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Tip of the day

Honey for insomnia Two spoons of honey taken daily before bedtime can help you to sleep batter.

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Amazing Health Benefits of Amla(Indian gooseberry) Juice

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Amla juice is a great drink to recharge your energy for the rest of the day. Being a storehouse of vitamin C and minerals like iron, it can prevent various diseases and improves your health.…

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How to remove dark circles

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One of the most common problem of eyes is dark circles.Dark black colored patches under eyes are referred as dark circles.     Main causes of dark circles are heredity, lack of sleep, sun exposure, depression,…

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