10 ways to make your skin radiant and glowing naturally.

Every person wants beautiful and radiant skin and we all spend lots of money to try each and every new beauty product which comes in market to get beautiful spotless glowing skin. But no matter what you apply on your skin from outside, your skin will never looks healthy and radiant until you nourish it from inside. So secret lies in what you eat daily

Here are some some tips which are suitable for all skin types and easily accessible to achieve smooth and radiant skin without any side effect .

1. Water


Start your day with a glass of water is best way to keeping skin looking fresh and radiant. Because it helps wash away toxins, transport nutrients and oxygen to the skin cells, and plump up the skin making it appear more youthful and radiant

2. Vegetables


Vegetables are rich in vitamins, fibres,antioxidants and nutrients. These helps to remove dullness of your skin and gives a natural radiance on your face.

3. Fruits


Fruits are rich in vitamins and minerals that purify and rejuvenates the skin from inside and thereby imparts a glow. So eat a bowl of fruit salad daily .

4. Eggs


The egg yolk is rich in vitamins that are essential for proper cell function.Eggs also contains biotin which is also known as beauty vitamin as it protect skin from acne ,rashes and dryness and makes your skin healthier and glowing.

5. Curd


Curd contains high amount of calcium and proteins, which helps to remove toxins and makes your skin soft and glowing. Curd also removes wrinkles and anti aging lines.

6. Nuts


Nuts are considered as best sources to get glowing skin. Nuts like almonds,walnuts,pistachio are loaded with many necessary minerals including iron, zinc and copper, which helps you in maintaining the collagen in your skin. They also contains high amounts of omega 3 fatty acids that help you to maintain the elasticity of skin. If you add nuts to your daily diet
your skin will look younger, fresher and rosy red.

7. Dark Chocolates


Dark chocolate is an excellent source of cocoa, which is a natural skin hydrator. Cocoa helps to make your skin radiant and younger. Just eat two pieces of dark chocolate everyday and make your skin beautiful.

8. Green Tea


Geen Tea is rich in anti-oxidants and minerals and has many benefits for the skin such as stop inflammation, slow DNA damage, and helps prevent skin from sunburn and darkening.Green tea also has many essential minerals like zinc, copper, magnesium, calcium and iron. Try to take green tea in the morning. It makes your skin complexion even better within few days.

9. Turmeric Milk


Both turmeric and milk are rich in antioxidants. Drinking turmeric milk before going to bed will purify the blood and helps to glow skin. It also helps you to get better and peaceful sleep.

10. Fennel Seeds


Fennel seeds containsing antioxidants and various vitamins, which help to give you a younger looking skin. Consume two teaspoon of fennel seeds daily after meals and improve overall texture of the skin as it treats acne and makes your skin look flawless and glowing.

So follow these tips on daily basis and make your skin beautiful,radiant and flawless.

Ponds anti-pollution+purity face wash review

Ponds is well known skin care brand in India and they have wide range of skin care products for women & men. They includes variety of cremes, talcum powder & face wash etc.

So today I am going to review Ponds pure white face wash with activated charcoal which I am using currently. This face wash claims to have activated charcoal.

Activated charcoal is a form of carbon, which clean out bacteria, poisons, chemicals, dirt and other micro-particles present on the surface of skin.

Ponds pure white face wash with activated charcoal.


Click on image to buy it online


INR 180 for 100g

INR 90 for 50g

Packaging : This face wash comes in a white and black coloured tube with a tightly secured white cap.

Ingredients :

Colour : light grey

Texture : Very creamy and thick in consistency.

Fragrance : Sorry guys but I find very difficult to explain the smells. So for this point all I can say it Smells good.

My experience : My skin is normal and this face wash works well for my skin type. Very little amount is enough to make leather with water, which deeply cleanse my skin & remove all the impurities.


Travel friendly.

Easily available in market and online.

Very affordable.

Deeply cleanse all the pollutants from the face.

Works for pimples.

Very good for oily skin.

Good for summers.


Skin gets a bit dry after using this so you need a moisturiser afterwards.

Not good for dry skin.

Not for winters.

Final verdict :

Because this face wash is capable of remove out all the dirt, sebum & dust accumulated in the skin through out the day. So it’s better to use this face wash in night or whenever you get home from college or work.

I would definitely recommend this face wash for oily to combination or normal.

The benefits of castor oil for skin and hair care

castor oil is an antibacterial,anti-inflammatory , antioxidant vegetable oil and widely used in pharmaceutical &cosmetics industries.It is obtained by pressing the seeds of plant Ricinus communis. This plant is mainly cultivated in Brazil,China,India and Northern Europe .

castor oil is loaded with vitamin E, minerals and Ricnolic acid,which is an essential amino acid and great source of omega-6,omega-9 fatty acids.

here are some beauty benefits of castor oil for skin and hair;

Benefits for skin.

  • castor oil is very thick in consistency so it can be used as face serum or night cream.Take 2 drops of castor oil and gently massage your face .
  • Massage your face with 2-3 drops of castor oil daily before bed and get rid of dry and flaky skin.
  • Daily face massage with castor oil also helps to improve skin texture,maintains skins elasticity and prevents wrinkles .
  • Daily massage of tummy with castor oil during pregnancy will prevent Stretch marks.
  • It helps to get rid of dark circles. Massage under eye area with castor oil every night to see fast results.
  • The antibacterial & anti-inflammatory properties of caster oil makes it highly beneficial to fight against various skin infections like bacterial and fungal.
  • Castor oil makes your nails strong and also helps to grow your nails fast. Just massage your cuticles with Castor oil.
  • Gentle massage of lash lines and eye browse with a drop of Castor oil helps to grow your lashes and eyebrows.
  • If u apply Castor oil in cracked heels it reduces the pain there and heals the cracks fast.
  • It helps to get rid of dry and chapped lips during winters.

If anyone notice swelling. Rashes, itching and redness after using Castor oil on your skin it means you are allergic to it.

Benefits for hair.

Since castor oil is very thick in constancy so it better to mix it with almond oil, coconut oil or mustard oil or any other oil of your choice.

Here are some benefits for hair.

  • Fatty acids present in Castor oil makes your hair strong from roots and prevent hair fall and breakage.
  • Castor oil is a great moisturiser for dry and dull and curly hair. It makes your hair soft and shiny.
  • After shampoo apply few drops of Castor oil in your damp split ends. It will locks moisture in your split ends and give your hair healthy look throughout the day.
  • Promotes hair growth faster and

Prevents dandruff.

  • It helps to get rid of various scalp infections because of its antibacterial, anti-inflammatory properties.

Health benefits : besides various beauty benefits Castor oil is also helpful for some health issues. So let’s get started with health benefits :

  • In ancient times it was given to pregnant women to induce labour.
  • One teaspoon of Castor oil helps to ease the bowl movements during constipation because of its laxative nature. Don’t consume in pregnancy it may causes miscarriage.
  • Massage with Castor oil also helps to sooth the joint and muscle pain.

Benefits of hair serums

Hair serums are formulated to make your hair shiny, fizz free and silky without giving them oily look. The main content in serum is silicone which makes a protective covering on your hair shaft and protect hair from external factors like dust and heat. Silicon has an ability to reflect the light which adds shine to your hair.

How to use?

After shampooing take 2to3 drops( or more according to your hair length) of serum and apply on damp hair. Afterwards gently detangle your hair with a wide tooth comb.

Apply before straightening your hair to protect your hair from heat damage.

Benefits of hair serum

  • Helps to easily detangle your hair
  • Conditions hair and makes them soft and fizz free.
  • Protect hair from heat damage by using hair styling equipments.
  • Make hair glossy without giving an oily look.
  • Protect hair from external factors like dust, heat and humidity.

There are so many hair serums like Livon, streaks, silk and shine are available in stores or online according to your hair needs and hair types but the common & basic point in all serums is to give a temporary shine to your hair.

Excessive use of these products may harm your hair in long run because these serums are also chemical based.

But for styling your hair in special occasions this product is must.

Nyle Naturals Dryness Hydration Shampoo review

Nyle naturals dryness hydration shampoo is a herbal shampoo which contains the extracts of aloevera green tea, tulsi and amala . These natural extracts deeply cleanse your scalp and hair and makes them soft shiny and healthy.

here is some benefits of natural ingredients present in Nyle dryness hydration shampoo.


  • Moisturizing hair
  • Add shine to hair
  • Prevents split end


  • Pormote hair growth
  • Prevents scalp itching and dandruff
  • Moisturises hair

Green Tea

  • Good antioxidant
  • Very effective in hair regrowth
  • Strengthen the hair
  • Prevent dandruff.


  • Rich in vitamin C which give strength to hair and also prevents the premature greying of hair.
  • Adds shine to the hair.
  • Prevent breakage and split ends.

Packaging :

Comes in transparent flip flop plastic bottle.

Price : 182rs. for 400ml

Colour :opaque with slight tint of green colour like alovera gel.

Fragrance :

Smells very refreshing and soothing.


  • Perabean free
  • Makes your hair smooth and shiny
  • Very little amount is required for every head wash.
  • Strengthen the hair.
  • Easily available in stores, local shops and online.
  • Budget friendly.


Doesn’t works for hair fall.

My verdict:

This is the best shampoo for both dry or oily scalps in summers and there is no need to use conditionar afterwards .It makes your hair soft shiny and easily manageable. While in winters people with dry scalp may needs separate conditionar.

So if you are looking for a herbal shampoo then you must give a try to Nyle naturals. There is a wide range of nyle shampoos according to your hair problem.

You can buy it online by clicking on following url.

5 ways to lighten up your mood when you are feeling sad or depressed.

When you are sad negative thoughts start running in your mind and it feels like life is too heavy and you can’t do anything. You feel alone sick and depressed.

Here is some tips to feel batter when you are sad.

1.Go for a walk


Grab your earphones play your favourite music and go for a walk to a nearby park. Fresh air and your favourite song surely help to beat your stress and to change your mood.

2. Watch TV


Watch your favorite movie or any comedy show or movie whenever you feeling low. This trick is very helpful to distract your mind from sadness and you will feel lighter.

3. Write down your emotions


Write down how you feeling at that moment ,share every little thought that comes on your mind at that time, it feels like you are sharing your fears,pain and feelings with God and this trick will instently help to vanish all the sadness from your life.

4. Talk to a friend


Hangout with your best friend or just make a call and talk to him or her, its ok if you don’t want to share your sorrows with your friend. Talk to them on some other topic like any good memory you have spent together. This little conversation will really help to lighten your mood .

5. Read something positive


Reading something spiritual,inspiring and motivating will help to eleminate negativity and sadness.

Top 3 tips to gain confidence in everyday life

Confidence is one of the best accessories one can wear. Confident person can achieve anything in life. But what about underconfident people. They spend half of their lives to get confidence. Little little things in life makes them nervous. In a restaurant before ordering a favourite dish they have to think ten times.

Such people always talks to their minds before taking any action. This problem in long run leads to various serious problems like social phobia, anxiety, depression etc.

Tips to gain confidence

Dress nicely

Whenever you wear a good dress which is comfortable and looks good on you your body language changes and you gain confidence quickly. So always try to dress up nicely even when you are at home.

Read motivational books

Reading is good habit and if you read some good motivational and Self-Help books then you will feel some kind of positive energy inside and you will become positive person and positive person is always happy and confident.

Don’t compare yourselves

Comparisons kills so never compare yourself with anybody and don’t let the others. Every one is unique and works differently so always try to concentrate on your own stuff. Set chellanges for yourself and compete to break own goals. In this way whenever you complete own challenge you will become confident.

So follow these tips in daily lives and see changes in yourself.

Stay happy

Stay positive

Stay confident

Stay blessed

Law of attraction

Hi guys ☺️🙏 it’s been long time since I have posted last. My silly reason for not blogging is that I was not in mood of writing. I know for blogging you have to be consistent. So from today I have promised to myself to be consistent & to write 2 or 3 article in a week. Let’s get started with today’s topic…

law of attraction

I am sure you all have heard about these three magical words. If not then plz watch the movie ‘secret’. According to this law whatever happens in our lives bad things or good things attracted by us. So if u have a wish just think about that wish and universe will help you to fulfill your wish.

I am a firm believer of law of attraction so I believe in this theory but for those who don’t believe in this, there are 50% of things and circumstances of your life which are attracted by you unknowingly.

But if you are one of those people who thinks that law of attraction is theory of day dreamers and lazy people then let me explain law of attraction in my way..

As we all know that positive person can achieve anything and they have the power to tackle worst situations in coolest way. So law of attraction helps us to achieve that positivity. You have to think that universe or your God is always there for you. You just have to ask for whatever you want and you will get ☺️But you have to be clear about your wishes.

You can write your wishes on diary.


Take an old coin, pendant or stone(your choice) keep it in your wallet and whenever you have a wish just kiss your coin and ask for your wish. I am sure universe or your almighty God will help you to fulfil your wish.

So feel positive, feel happy, feel magic and fulfill wishes and achieve success

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