Top 7 Home Remedies to control hair fall

It feels great when you have long,shiny,dense hair. But most of people suffer from severe hair fall ,if you don’t want to use those harsh chemical products on your hair here is home remedies to control hair fall effectively. 1. Lemon juice Pour a cup of lemon juice over your scalp and hair after washingContinue reading “Top 7 Home Remedies to control hair fall”

Home remedies to get glowing skin

Keep your skin healthy and beautiful with homemade healthy beauty tips. There are many natural ingredients present in your kitchen, which can be used as beauty products for making your skin flawless and beautiful….                     Sugar 1.SUGAR….sugar can be used to exfoliate your skin, mix equal parts of white or brown sugar and coconut oil, rubContinue reading “Home remedies to get glowing skin”